Who is that?

Can you see that weird-shocked expression on the cats face while she is staring at the dog? This is her ‘I don’t know who you are?’ face after her dog friend returned home from a grooming session.

Why the haircut?

Whether it is a toy poodle or a full-size poodle, this dog breed doesn’t have fur. They have hair, like really big and curly hair that requires a lot of care. You have to comb your dog often, and they are certainly high maintenance dogs.


If you believe that poodles don’t shed their hair, you are highly mistaken. You might not find much hair on the floor because, the hair that shed get tangled with the curls and it becomes a mess. Therefore, it is very essential that you take them to the groomer regularly.

You’ve got to be kidding me!

The ty poodle who had to go through the grooming doesn’t look quite happy with his new look.


Poodles are considered to be amongst the top high-maintenance dog breeds in the world.

Types of poodles.

They come in three different sizes. You have a full-size poodle, a toy poodles and a miniature poodle. In this post, we show you a toy poodle that is about 10 inches tall.

Get used to it.

“Fighting like cats and dogs.”

It all depend on how you are parenting them.

Can dogs and cats be friends?

Well, the image quite explains itself.

Check out the cute video below!