We love silly dad jokes as much as the absurd stock photos. It was exciting to have come across an online community that puts the two together.

The subreddit r/YouDontSurf has 378k members. They’re adding funny subtitles to pictures they find on websites like 123RF, and the combinations they create are so bad, they’re actually good.

Check out some of the most popular posts on this subreddit, from a guy sitting in front of a river to parents who can’t stand their kids.


1. Just the right date.


2. Copy that, officer.


3. Boomers be like.


4. What a guy.


5. Just natural causes.


6. You’re… fired.


7. Oopsies!


8. Fish markets be like.


9. Honesty is indeed the best policy.


10. Watching a live stream.


11. Very golden indeed.


12. Honest menu.


13. Hearing problems be like.


14. A.N.D.


15. Friendly cringe grammar lesson.


16. Cringe response to the customer.


17. Literally a coincidence.


18. Smart move.


19. Back to nature.


20. Any doctor around?


21. Learned the lesson.


22. Justice is served.


23. Candidate from the future.


24. That’d hurt.


25. Honest dinner date.


26. Quite a splitter.


27. Baby delivery.


28. Excellent!


29. Waiting for the bus be like.


30. Science is all about theories.


31. Independence Day celebrations.


32. The Devil spawn.


33. Reservations at restaurants be like.


34. Breakdown of communication.


35. Never forget the most important before commencing your morning ritual.