Tom Cruise, 60, and Nicole Kidman, 55, separated in 2001, and it’s easy to forget they ever married, let alone had two children together, Connor Cruise, 28, and Isabella, 30.

However, as the two children have appeared in the news over the years, fans have not only been reminded of Cruise and Kidman’s past, but they’ve also noticed that Connor Cruise looks remarkably like his allegedly adoptive father… leaving some to question if there’s more to the story.

Is Tom Cruise the biological parent of his son Connor Cruise?

That’s some fans’ query after seeing new photos of the father and son together.

After a whirlwind romance on the set of “Days of Thunder,” Kidman and Cruise married in 1989, and Kidman shortly became pregnant. However, she had an ectopic pregnancy, and the pair is said to have adopted Isabella in 1992 and Connor in 1995 as a result of the trauma of the experience. However, some fans believe there is more to the tale than has previously been told.

Fans believe Tom Cruise and Connor Cruise share facial characteristics that suggest Connor was not adopted.

It all started with a Twitter thread started by ESPN writer Jemele Hill, who suggested that Tom Cruise might be the “greatest actor ever,” asking fellow tweeters if he was joking. Hill was met with a barrage of criticism, and she later explained that she meant the best “movie star” of all time.

However, one individual agreed with her on the whole “greatest actor ever” thing—but not on the basis of his films.

Rather, it was based on Cruise allegedly maintaining the ruse of being Connor’s adopted father all these years, for which he said the “man deserves every award imaginable.”

At first glance, this appears to be idle star gossip. But what about when another Twitter user shared several photos of Connor and Cruise?

The resemblance is unmistakable—and some speculated that it didn’t end with Connor and Tom. According to some, Suri Cruise, Tom Cruise’s daughter with second ex-wife Katie Holmes, and Connor have identical eyes and smiles. When you compare the three images side by side, the similarity is uncanny.

Suri’s resemblance to Tom Cruise is more evident than Connor’s. But you can’t help but observe that both apples appear to have fallen not far from the old tree.

Scientology has been accused of concealing the truth that Cruise is Connor’s biological father.

There is little hard evidence to back it up. Still, some fans are convinced that this is yet another example of the Church of Scientology’s overreach and have speculated that Cruise and the Church are concealing Connor’s true parentage because he is “too embarrassed to claim his Black son,” as one Twitter user put it.

When it comes to prejudice, the Church of Scientology is said to have a checkered history. On its website, the Church clearly states that it supports human rights. However, the religion’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard, was said to be openly supportive of South Africa’s former white supremacist government and its segregationist apartheid policy. (The Church views Hubbard’s position differently.)

Tom Cruise and Connor Cruise.

Of course, this is all speculation, but Cruise’s children have been the subject of numerous wild stories, ranging from his alleged estrangement from Suri to Connor and Isabella’s alleged refusal to call Nicole Kidman “mom” and their alleged designation of her as a “suppressive person” apostate within the Church of Scientology.

The only people who will ever know the truth about Cruise, Kidman, and their children are celebrities and their offspring. But this isn’t the strangest tale to ever come out about Tom Cruise.

Connor Cruise, Tom Cruise, and Isabella Jane

The Church of Scientology has denied involvement in Cruise and Kidman’s marriages and divorces, Cruise and Holmes’ marriages and divorces, Connor and Isabella Cruise’s relationships with their parents, and Suri Cruise’s connection with Tom Cruise.

The Church of Scientology’s positions on most topics is available on its website.