Tinder recently said that it would introduce height verification for men using their app. It’s not easy to trust anyone when it comes to dating apps. Everyone is trying to hide their flaws and it is pretty easy to do that.

The women were surely pleased to hear this, but not all men agreed to it. One of the male users commented that why should men go through it alone. There should be weight setting for females as well. If men are forced to be upfront about their height, then women should also be ready to reveal their actual weight.

Man says there should be a weight setting for women on apps after Tinder ‘reveals’ height verification for men
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Tinder is asking for screenshots from men in which they are standing next to a tall building. This will help them figure out if it’s the truth or not. All those who are making fake claim about their heights will now suffer the consequences. Every man will receive a badge after being verified.

Some men opposed to it as they felt that this was completely unfair. However, everyone who was opposing it soon got to know that it was just an April Fools’ prank and nothing more than that. So all their sexiest energy got wasted. But if you still want to see how an angry man reacted, here’s his post:

Tinder just announced a setting for men to show their height, under the reasoning that too many men lie about their height on the app and as they put it, are “height fishing” women. I can just about guarantee they won’t do a f*cking thing about weight for women.

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There is no official confirmation about this news by Tinder yet. So we will have to wait for some time to know if the app is actually fooling us or not.

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