The upcoming Tinder update will mean lesser matches for men with short height than they already get.

We cannot deny that people do lie about their own physical attributes over online dating sites. Globally well-known online dating service Tinder revealed in a blog post yesterday that they will be devising ways to have users verify their height in an update that will come soon in the future.

Tinder is riddled by people who often lie to others about their physical attributes, especially height, which also affects the overall and “quality” of the matches.

Using Tinder? Verify Your Height….

Using Tinder? Verify Your Height

Here’s the Tinder blog post we are talking about:

It’s come to our attention that most of you 5’10ers out there on Tinder are actually 5’6. This must stop. This type of dishonesty doesn’t just hurt your matches — it hurts us, too. Did it ever occur to you that we’re 5’6 and actually love our medium height? Did it ever occur to you that honesty is what separates humans from sinister monsters? Of course not. You were only thinking of yourself. Well, height-lying ends here. To require everyone under 6’ to own up to their real height, we’re bringing truthfulness back into the world of online dating.

How Will The Feature Work after Tinder update?


The feature will reportedly work by asking all users to fill in their “correct” height, before sending a screenshot while standing nearby a commercial building. Tinder claims that they will do some verifying, after which the user will be getting a badge for their Tinder profile. That badge will appear on the profile via an icon. Tinder reveals that they had been planning this since long and will finally bring this feature in the app in the future.

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The app will also use stats extracted from databases for the reference. According to Tinder, only 14.5% of all US men are 6 feet and taller.

However, we aren’t quite too sure how this feature would actually work on Tinder. It may involve using the data of commercial buildings that are available, feeding the data in an algorithm in the Tinder app that will give an appropriate height of the person.

Could this be Tinder’s April fool’s joke? Well, only time will tell.