There are a few times when someone who deserves it is hit with instant karma, and it feels so sweet. Some of the most satisfying moments were when horrible people were hit with the sweet and swift hammer of justice. All courtesy of the Subreddit r/instantkarma.


1. That must’ve hurt so bad.


2. That’s a masterpiece.


3. The guy definitely doesn’t see himself at that place in the next five years.


4. That’s not the hero we need. But what we deserve.


5. The road rage edition of instant Karma.


6. Monsters are supposed to be slain.


7. Little did the guy know that the snowman had been working out hard.


8. Try to steal fuel and let Karma make you eat sewage waste.


9. *applauds for instant Karma*


10. Smooth!


11. Make rules, break them, and get hit by instant karma.


12. Freshest Chipotle served well.


13. Instant Karma is always sweet.


14. That’s what happens when you try to make a profit in times of crisis.


15. Never disrespect your mother!


16. Neutral in a chaotic manner.


17. The protector of all the Armadillos. Karmadillo.


18. That’s god’s plan right there.


19. Try to keep your illicit activities off social media.


20. A proper “I told you so” moment.


21. Delivered straight to heaven.


22. Throw litter and let instant karma send the law after you.


23. He mocked Coronavirus and then got mocked by the virus itself.


24. She owned him with the Reverse Uno card.


25. Just… wow.


26. That definitely had to hurt.


27. The right punishment.


28. Not sure who owned who.