Imagine getting ready for work in the morning, bringing your phone along, and planning to record a “come to work with me” TikTok video… only to get fired 15 minutes into your shift.

She doesn’t need to envision it, though, according to TikTok user @prettyprincess0g, who has really gone through it. and also recorded it.


The beginning of the video reflects the current craze of “work” TikToks.

People filming themselves while at work and showcasing the various tasks they must complete throughout their shift is one of the platform’s countless subgenres. Starting out the same as the previous TikTok.


“Come with me to work” is captioned alongside a 1:00 time stamp.

In addition to images of the user wearing her Domino’s Pizza outfit, we also get images of the building from the outside. You might assume that the relatively brief length of the video gave it away and that it was just another TikTok video like any other.


However, TikTok naturally finishes almost as quickly as it began.

The following timestamp reads 1:15 and is accompanied by the phrase “never mind, I got fired.” Yes, it is correct. 15 minutes into her duty, she was let go. That’s some awful timing.


But probably not for the reason you imagined.

You may be asking if she was terminated for attempting to videotape while she was at work. But according to a reply she wrote in the comment area, she’d just been skipping work and eventually got called out for it.


That was embarrassing, I must say.

The user even thinks so herself, captioning the video “LMFAOOO this is so embarrassing.”

On the positive side, it at least produces some genuinely interesting stuff for TikTok. And with her high rate of absences, her viewers did get to witness a glimpse of a regular workday for her.


The success of this video is not surprising.

This video went viral for all the wrong reasons, receiving over 600k views and almost 100k comments. But I must admit, I can’t even be angry about that. Just too amusing.


People are laughing out loud in the comment section.

“This is literally the best TikTok ever saw in my life,” one user commented.

“Never mind I got fired 😂😂😂took me,” another user wrote.

I mean, you can’t help but laugh.


Unexpectedly many people could identify with this video.

One TikTok user commented, “LMAOO at least they didn’t wait until the end of the shift like they did to me.”

Another said, “same thing happened to me lmaooo.”


Others noted how inconvenient it must have been to invite her in only to terminate her.

“They didn’t let you finish your last shift then fire you,” a comment reads.

Another simply says, “Oh baby nah they coulda called you.”


And some users made an effort to see the positive side of things.

One user wrote, “At least you kept the shirt… free merch.”

“You got a fired, a smoothie, and back home in 15 mins,” another pointed out.


At least the day had been fairly fruitful.