Tipping culture is always something that is under the microscope. Well, the reason why people debate on it is to figure out exactly how much should they tip. Well, some people think that some of the workers should not be getting any tips at all. And what’s a better way to start a debate than to drop a video on TikTok asking the burning question? In one such similar case, TikToker Meghan Elinor broadcasted her thoughts and said she would never tip a Starbucks worker in a drive-thru.

This comes after the mega-food chain started something called the ‘tipping prompt’. It appears after the customers pay with a credit card, asking if they would like to tip $1, $2, or $5. A ‘No Tip’ option is also available. However, this move has bothered Meghan to a huge extent. She claims that she has the utmost respect for servers as she has been one for almost 10 years. But the idea of tipping someone for handing out a cup of coffee is bizarre in the truest sense. Let’s see what Meghan has to say.

TikToker explains why tipping at Starbucks drive-thru is stupid

Meghan starts ranting. She says, “No ma’am, no ma’am, we are not tipping at the Starbucks drive-through. [Hell] no I am exceptionally passionate about this because I worked in the service industry serving my a*s off for the first 10 years of my life from the time I was legally able to work at the age… I think in Maryland, it was like 14-and-a-half or 15 or some bulls**t like that… 15 until I was 24, 25, so about 9, 10 years.”

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She continues, “I love y’all, I do, but I’m not gonna [freaking] tip you when all you’re doing is taking a cup and handing it to somebody outside the window. That s**t, that s**t is hard. Being a server, being a busser, being a runner, like that s**t is real difficult. So yes, I will 100% tip you 20, 30, 40% every single day of the week. But Starbucks workers, listen. And I understand this is controversial. I’m sorry, not sorry.”

Meghan opens up

Let’s see what the woman herself wants to say about this viral video. Meghan says, “I had absolutely no intention of the video going viral! TikTok’s algorithm is absolutely crazy, and who knows why it chose to push out my content! That being said- I think the engagement on the video speaks for itself. There are a far greater amount of individuals who have liked the video and agree that tipping culture has gotten out of hand, as opposed to the individuals that disagree and left negating comments. I believe that tips are an earned privilege and should never be expected. Especially in a work setting that is already paying an hourly rate well above minimum wage.”

She continues, “If we do not tip at Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s, Target. etc, why do Starbucks employees believe tips are expected? If others want to tip- great! But I will not unless there is outstanding customer service. Which, unfortunately, has not been my experience at most Starbucks.” So let’s see what the people have to say about this hot opinion.

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What is the Internet saying?

Many people agree with Meghan as they think being a server doesn’t require any tips.

One person said:

If they can charge us $8 for one large drink and $30 for a cup, they can pay their employees a living wage with tips

Another user said:

Why can’t everyone just be paid a living wage from the company they work for despite the job they work?

One more person commented:

I agree 100% $7+ for coffee is already paying for the service of having a coffee made.

A user quips:

I agree been a server and a barista and I honestly didn’t understand why we were getting tips