TikTok faces terror of being banned in India. On Wednesday, Madras High Court has asked Indian government to put a ban on TikTok. According to the High Court, TikTok encourages pornography.

TikTok exposing sexual content in India?

TikTok, the Chinese video app is quite popular in India. Because it allows users to create short videos. These videos are with special effects and can be shared as well.

The app has been created by Beijing Bytedance Technology Co. The Chinese app has gained popularity in India. This is especially in the rural region. The rural region comprises of 68.84 percent of 1.32 billion population of India.

Usage of the app in India

The youngsters of the country use the app frequently. This is to make videos of jokes, clips or footage. These are related to the thriving movie industry of India. The Bollywood clips dominate the platform of TikTok in India.

Will TikTok be Banned in India?

Youngsters dance or do lip-sync on these clips. According to Reuters, the IT minister of Tamil Nadu has called the dance content to be unbearable.

However, in February, the chief of Information Technology of the Indian government had different views. He had then said that the party was tracking the conversations of TikTok. He had praised TikTok. Amit Malviya had called it a brilliant platform for creative expression.

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The court claims the children who use the app are vulnerable. This is to the exposure of sexual predators. According to the court, this is because the children might contact strangers directly.

Actions taken by the Chinese app

The company is committed to abiding by the local laws of India. This is according to the report of Reuters.

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Moreover, TikTok also waits for a copy of the order of the court. Post that, actions will be taken.

TikTok’s spokesperson says that the priority of the company has never been compromised. It is to maintain a safe and positive in-app environment.

Will TikTok be Banned in India?
Source: Z6 Mag

TikTok will face setback

TikTok has a huge market in India. Therefore, this ban, if at all it comes, will be a huge set back. TikTok has been downloaded 240 million times in India. This is according to Sensor Tower, which is an app analytics firm.

The Chinese app is easier to use. This is in comparison to other platforms like Facebook. Because this app has a video-only interface.

If the ban is confirmed, then the company will lose a huge market. India has a huge number of current users and the potential market. Therefore things won’t be great for the app then.