A Teacher Did an Experiment to Show the Power of Handwashing, and You Can’t Stay Unimpressed

In recent times, the coronavirus pandemic hit across the world. The one thing that we all understood was the power of handwashing. The only source to keep our body healthy is to keep it clean and tidy. Have you ever wondered about how many germs get into our hands daily? But, we the lazy lads cannot afford to wash our hands again and again.

Coronavirus has definitely taught this lesson to us. But, for those who still not believe in the power of handwashing. Trust us, if you scroll down, you’ll surely agree with us. A teacher from Idaho, Jaralee Metcalf took the initiative to teach his young students the need of washing hands properly.

And this led him to conduct an experiment. And the results of his experiment are so astonishing that we all should have a look at them.

Power of handwashing

To explain how bacteria spread and what is the actual need for handwashing, Jaralee came up with a classroom activity for her students. As a part of it, she asked five students of her class with different levels of handwashing to touch the pieces of bread taken from the same loaf. Then, they put them in separate plastic bags to check the results.

Steps of the Handwashing Project

Steps of handwashing project

Now, that you know about the project, we know that even you might be curious to try it yourself. So, check the steps of the project. The teacher says that they touched the fresh bread. Also, one piece was rubbed on all of the classroom laptops.

The second one was left untouched and immediately placed in a plastic bag. The third piece was touched by the whole class without handwashing.

For the fourth piece, the whole class washed their hands with soap and warm water and then again touched the bread piece. And for the fifth piece, they cleaned their hand with sanitizer and then touched it.

Bread slice


Now, that you are curious to have a look at the results, so scroll down and have a look!

#1 A slice wiped on laptops

A slice wiped on laptops

#2 The effect of soap and warm water

The effect of soap and warm water

#3 The ‘dirty hands’ slice

Power of handwashing: The 'dirty hands' slice

#4 The slice touched with sanitized hands

The slice touched with sanitized hands

We know that you are awestruck after looking at the results. So, do we really need to make you aware of the power of handwashing? We believe you might have understood it well. So, stay safe and stay clean! Because cleanliness is vital to keep your body healthy and fit.