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Coronavirus Treatment Updates: When will the COVID-19 Vaccine or Cure be Ready?

Coronavirus treatment and cure are under research all over the world and every company is racing to find the solutions. It will take some time as the pharmaceutical companies need to make sure that the COVID-19 treatments are effective and safe. It should be able to get rid of the virus without any kind of side-effects to the infected person.

Most of the companies are trying to test the drugs which are already approved by the FDA as the treatment for Coronavirus. At the same time, there are various research centers with goals to develop a COVID-19 vaccine so that the uninfected population can be saved from contracting the disease.

Repurposed Drugs for Coronavirus Treatment

Repurposed Drugs for Coronavirus Treatment

The repurposed drugs are the fastest route for an effective coronavirus treatment but they still need to go through a proper clinical trial to ensure the effectiveness. Malaria drug hydroxychloroquine and Ebola antiviral remdesivir are the top two drugs that have been tested all over the world while treating COVID-19 infected patients. The tests are being conducted in small batches of infected patients and even with promising results, it is not sure whether the same COVID-19 cure will work for the entire world.

Coronavirus Vaccine Human Trials will take Time

Coronavirus Vaccine Human Trials will take Time

Coronavirus vaccine is the long-term solution to fight the disease as the clinical trial and development will take around more than a year. Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has said that the earliest a COVID-19 vaccine can be deployed would be around one year to 18 months from now. Any of the coronavirus vaccines will have to go through at least 3 phases of clinical trials to get FDA approval before it could be mass-produced.


Written by Anukriti Ghosh

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