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Coronavirus Vaccine Updates: Experts says UK is Ready with Two COVID-19 Cures

Coronavirus Vaccine development is going on full force and the UK government is providing support and set up a special task force for the development of the cure. One of the leading medical experts, Professor Robin Shattock has said that work on the COVID-19 vaccine is done at a very fast rate by two candidates.

If things go right, we can have a cure for coronavirus in record time. Professor Shattock added that we have never been able to move vaccines into clinical trials at this rate before and it is very encouraging. It might still take some time to test whether the Coronavirus vaccine is safe and effective, but it will be ready by the end of this year.

Coronavirus Vaccine Research and Development Timeline

Coronavirus Vaccine Research and Development Timeline

The United Kingdom is in a very strong position for developing a COVID-19 vaccine as they have two very promising candidates. One of them is based out of the Imperial College and the second group of researchers is from Oxford University. There are high chances of having an effective coronavirus vaccine in record time, but it won’t be available widely until the next year.

The research is carried out based on the genetic blueprint of the virus published by Chinese scientists. The aim is to inject genetic material into the muscles and get the muscles to manufacture the coronavirus vaccine instead of a larger production plant. It will save time, money and will be much more efficient compared to other methods.

Methods to Fight and End Coronavirus

Methods to Fight and End Coronavirus 

Coronavirus pandemic won’t end just by lockdown as we need a permanent solution in the form of a vaccine or cure. But until they are available, we have to follow strict safety measures and social distancing guidelines to lower the infection rates. There will be a second wave of COVID-19 outbreak when the lockdown is lifted and we have to break the chain of virus transmission to end the pandemic.


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