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Coronavirus Vaccine Updates: COVID-19 Cure could be Ready withing 6 Months

Coronavirus vaccine is the most needed thing right now in the world where everyone is affected by the pandemic. The global death toll is increasing every hour and the economy will have a severe impact which will take years to recover. The safety measures such as lockdown and quarantine to fight coronavirus outbreak are temporary solutions and we need a permanent cure so that things can become normal again.

Scientists and researchers all over the world trying to develop a cure for coronavirus in the form of the COVID-19 vaccine. Sarah Gilbert, a professor of vaccinology is confident that her team can be ready with a coronavirus vaccine in the next six months if everything goes as per the plan.

Coronavirus Vaccine Time-frame and Development

Coronavirus Vaccine Time-frame and Development

Sarah Gilbert from Oxford University is claiming that her team can ready a Coronavirus vaccine by September this year. She is 80% confident that the vaccine will work as her team has done similar kind of work before. Gilbert also added that the timeframe will work if everything goes perfectly, but she also added that nobody can promise that it will always work.

The best-case scenario is to have a working vaccine by September and they have to give out their best efforts. The Coronavirus vaccine will begin human trials within the next two weeks. It is her personal opinion and the real research data may vary as time passes in the development of COVID-19 cure.

Clinical Trials for Coronavirus Vaccine

Clinical Trials for Coronavirus Vaccine 

United Kingdom Government is in support of the vaccine and is willing to manufacture millions of doses if the Coronavirus cure works. It means that the corona vaccine will be ready to roll out for the public once it is proven to work. The safety trials and other tests will start soon where the experts will determine whether the coronavirus vaccine is safe for people and cure the disease.

Gilbert also said that the lockdown in the UK makes it difficult to test the effectiveness of the vaccine. But the vaccine for preventing coronavirus can be tested in a place where the virus is rapidly spreading, indicating better test results.


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