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Coronavirus Vaccine Updates: Is there a Cure or Antidote for the Covid-19 Infection?

Coronavirus Vaccine is being researched all over the world as the disease has turned into a global pandemic. Almost, the whole world is infected by Covid-19 which originally started from the Wuhan City of China. Most of the countries are on lockdown and a national emergency has been declared in the United States. Italy and Iran are some of the worst affected countries and it is time that the world needs a cure for the coronavirus.

There are many pharma and biotech companies that have found breakthroughs and are closer to developing a cure or antidote for the Covid-19 infection. But it won’t be so easy to develop a coronavirus vaccine as the human trials and mass production will still take months.

Coronavirus Vaccine Development and Human Trials

Coronavirus Vaccine Development and Human Trials 

Coronavirus vaccine is currently under the testing phase at three biotech companies: BioNTech, CureVac and Moderna. All the 3 companies are expert in messenger RNA (mRNA) therapeutics where the molecules instruct the body to develop an immune system which fights against various infections and virus causing disease. The best part is that this type of coronavirus vaccine can be produced and distributed more quickly around the world.

The Covid-19 outbreak is a global problem and the whole world is indulged in research to develop a vaccine and helping each other doing the same. But none of the Coronavirus cure or antidote will be mass-produced until it goes through human trials and is deemed safe without any side-effects. There are a few volunteers ready to risk their lives and test for the coronavirus vaccine for the greater good.

Coronavirus Vaccine Release Timeline

Coronavirus Vaccine Release Timeline

Coronavirus vaccine release will still take some time as the production and distribution is a hefty task. Once the Covid-19 cure drugs enter phase 2, they will be tested on animals and later humans and when they clear every test, production will start. The medical experts are saying it will still take two to three months and the vaccine for coronavirus will be ready by June or July this year.


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