Cure for Coronavirus is under development as Scientists and Doctors all over the world are working hard to find a solution. The Covid-19 infection originated from the Wuhan City of China and now the whole world is facing a dangerous outbreak.

There are a few remedies and safety tips against Coronavirus but one must follow strict guidelines to avoid the epidemic. Here is everything you need to know about Coronavirus cure and vaccine along with precautions against Covid-19 infection.

Coronavirus Cure or Vaccine Development

Coronavirus Cure or Vaccine Development

Coronavirus cure is under research and although some of the antiviral drugs are proven effective in the treatment, none of them is universally approved. As for now, Doctors are recommending remedies for normal viral illnesses such as rest, medicine to reduce pain and fever, and fluids to avoid dehydration.

There are also several coronavirus patients infected with pneumonia who will also need oxygen, and a ventilator for breathing if the trouble worsens. There are a few experimental vaccines ready for human trials but it will take time for approval and mass production. It is advised by experts to get the flu shots for the children until a proper coronavirus cure is developed.

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How to Prevent Covid-19 Infection?

How to Prevent Covid-19 Infection

Coronavirus infection or novel Covid-19 is currently widespread and new cases have been found out in the United States, Italy, India and other countries. It is advisable to wear a mask when in public places, avoid close contacts, wash hands properly, not to touch your noses and eyes frequently.

If you feel any of the symptoms related to coronavirus, then you should immediately get yourself checked at a proper hospital recommended by the government. It would be wise to avoid any public gatherings, keep your surroundings clean, eat hygienic things and avoid meat or chicken. Novel Coronavirus or nCovid-19 is a widely spreading infection that should be taken very seriously and one should follow proper guidelines to stay safe.

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