Coronavirus Cure Treatment and Vaccine for the Chinese Outbreak Infections

Coronavirus outbreak which started in Wuhan City of China is spreading all over the world and still, there is no functional cure or vaccine. There are many reports claiming about coronavirus cure but none of them have been verified. It looks like Scientists and Doctors will have to work harder for finding a permanent solution and till then people are advised to use masks and prevent any kind of infection.

The death toll due to the novel-corona virus has crossed 566 but at the same time, 1,341 patients have also been recovered from the disease. China has applied a new drug patent developed by Gilead Sciences and it could be the real coronavirus cure if it clears all the security tests.

Possible Treatment and Vaccine for Curing Coronavirus

Possible Treatment and Vaccine for Curing Coronavirus

It is not the first time Coronavirus has infected the world, SARS in 2002 and MERS in 2012 happened due to the same virus family. Scientists have always been trying to develop a vaccine to cure coronavirus as it would strike again.

There are a lot of unknown properties about the virus and research has been going to develop a cure or solution for the entire family of coronavirus. The current focus is to determine which of the virus are able to infect humans and which not and develop a coronavirus vaccine based on that.

China is Patenting the Gilead’s Experimental Drug

China is Patenting the Gilead's Experimental Drug

Gilead Sciences has developed a drug named Remdesivir, which has previously cured Ebola and now they are testing the same for coronavirus treatment. Even though the drug has been working on mice, it has yet to be tested safe for humans and modified based on the protein found in virus spreading corona disease.

China filed a patent on January 21 for using remdesivir to fight the novel coronavirus. If the drugs clear all the security test and are found functional and safe, it will be mass-produced for global distribution for all the coronavirus infected patients.

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