This photographer has been taking shots of squirrels for a couple of years now and this last year has been crazy for him.

His goal is to find new ways of capturing shots that seem fresh and give a feel to them. He had no idea that Squirrels have emotions as well, except for hunger, fear, and sleep. And he always looks for pictures that express those feelings.


1. Life’s all about what one can make out of it.


2. This Squirrel is triumphant.


3. I used to be confused, but now I don’t know.


4. Here. A heart.


5. Those eyes though.


6. Just tall Squirrel things.


7. Just a delighted Squirrel.


8. Thanks for the dinner invitation.


9. You’re in the frame!


10. So… it’s a Squirrel appreciation day?


11. Let’s see if you can come and get it.


12. Coming at you.


13. Do the head shake!


14. Hey there! Are you looking for me?


15. Dance off!


16. The smell of nuts in the morning is just like the smell of victory.


17. This Squirrel’s got some eyes.


18. Are you awake? ‘Cause I am.


19. Just quit playing with that ball, will you?!


20. I’m going down.


21. Movin’ up.


22. This Squirrel seems very picky.


23. My chance to throw now?


24. Praying for the world.


25. I’m cute. Deal with it!


26. I got some friends in high places.


27. I think I need to throw it again.


28. Such a happy day.


29. It’s a new day!


30. Quality Control Check.


31. Surprise!


32. Meh… not worthy.


33. Epicure.


34. I thought we agreed on no more expensive gifts.


35. Welcome to the light.