He could have done anything like sleeping, throwing tantrums, hunting, scratching the floor, or bothering dogs; but he chose to be a thief. We are talking about a cunning cat that has stolen so many shoes that his owner has to create a Facebook page to return them. It’s funny, right? But well, stealing is stealing. 

BJ Ross of Pennsylvania has created a group on social media because of her cat, Jordan. Her cat has a habit of stealing shoes at night. And now, Ross is returning them.

Here is a video where the thief is exposed:

Jordan the cat steals all the shoes he can

Their owners find a couple of them every morning

And now he has more than 50

Jordan is very proud of his loot

After discovering the cat’s secret life, Jordan’s owner put a GPS tracker on him

He gets to walk between 11 and 13 km every night, planning his misdeeds

Ross installed a security camera in the back to collect more evidence

And she has created a FB group for people to discuss Jordan and his crimes