Comic art, which most people just call “comics,” is a series of drawings that are usually accompanied by words that tell a story. When it comes to using comics as a way to tell a story, adding text and dialogue lets the artists tell the story they want to and get their message across. But there are also cartoonists who can tell a story or send a message through clever pictures alone, without any words or dialogue. Gao Youjun, who is better known on social media as Tango Gao, is one of the best-known cartoonists out there.

This Chinese artist is well-known for his black-and-white comics that are simple, make you think, and are mostly drawn in black and white. But he does add a splash of color to some of his drawings now and then. His clever illustrations are full of tongue-in-cheek humor that pokes fun at the strange things that people do today. People and animals are common themes in his work, but he also gives life to inanimate objects by turning them into interesting characters who subtly criticize society and culture.


Illustrations that are clever and funny in their own way

When it comes to Tango, the joke is an optical illusion instead of the usual dialogue. His pantomime comics show that the characters treat each other normally and talk to each other. But if you look closer, you’ll see that the picture is hiding a message that’s slowly coming together. The cartoonist, who lives and works in Shanghai, has been making clever drawings with funny twists since 2010. Since 2014, his works have also been collected in books. This is in addition to the fact that his straightforward and odd style has made him famous all over the world.

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You can see all of the talented cartoonist’s previous work and keep up with his latest comics by following him on Instagram.