There are a lot of gray areas when it comes to unwritten rules. Some may see a certain act as normal in another culture, but it may receive sanctions or punishments in another culture. As society’s understanding of norms changes over time, so does its members’ perception of deviance.

In an attempt to learn if the transformation can stall, someone asked other users on Reddit what is socially unacceptable for no reason. Check out some of the answers.


1. Not willing to hold others’ babies.

2. Considering swings or playground equipment only for kids.


3. Declining an invitation to go out.


4. Leaving without giving an explanation to people.


5. Not answering the door if a salesperson arrives.


6. Not feeling like wearing a bra.


7. Calling in sick being considered as turning your back on the team.


8. Being a man and have a liking for flowers.


9. Crying of men being considered as something weak.


10. Staying single.


11. Being honest about not having kids.


12. Wearing a mask when sick to prevent others from getting sick as well.


13. Waking up late.


14. Not having alcohol around friends who are having it.


15. Being pretty honest when someone asks how one’s doing.


16. Going out for a solo dinner.


17. Going for skipping as an adult.


18. Taking a nap during a lunch break.


19. Eating lunch all by yourself in your car.


20. Women who don’t shave.


21. Being at a playground as an adult.


22. Wearing the same clothes twice in a row.


23. Using swear words.


24. Self-defense not being allowed in high schools.


25. Being an adult and having fun in anything.


26. Making small talk with someone in the vicinity.


27. Showing disliking for a certain family member.


28. Women going to the restroom and not hiding their tampon.


29. Being a virgin.


30. Going to watch movies all by yourself.



31. Politely refusing generosity.


32. Men going for skincare and manicure.


33. Taking your cat for a walk.


34. Putting your elbows on the table being considered offensive.


35. Just trying to relax by laying down in public.