Sometimes we feel embarrassed about doing things like finishing the last piece of pizza in front of others or not shaving our legs. When we insisted on keeping a toy for ourselves rather than giving it to a boy from the next block, our mothers and grandmothers used to blush. But as the times change, so does our perception of what is good or terrible.

Hiptoro came up with a list of things we shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk about in this day and age. These practices should unquestionably be abandoned.


Even if a couple is out on their first love date, splitting the bill 50/50 is entirely acceptable.


Having their breasts exposed while breastfeeding in public has become less of a concern for many women.


Sometimes others and their superfluous standards are the sole ones enforcing so-called politeness.


Protecting your personal boundaries is a crucial skill that you do not learn on a whim.


Eating the last slice of pizza or the last sandwich nibble is not dishonorable. Food shouldn’t really be wasted, after all.


We control the level of service we receive, and occasionally we have to call out faults that delivery men or taxi drivers make because mistakes are something we all do.


Of course, dressing up in public is not a good idea, but touching up your lipstick or powdering your nose in plain sight is not against the law.


You risk failing to accomplish your goal if you base your decisions on what other people might think and exhibit shyness when it comes to your body’s normal functions.


It’s very normal to be unsure of something. While if we act as though we are experts, we can find ourselves in an awkward scenario.


Only in the pages of books and in movies does a girl appear attractive who lacks initiative and waits for others to take the lead. Life operates a little bit differently.


Not just children enjoy sitting by the window. Should we deny ourselves this enjoyment?


When you can open up and enjoy life, there is no need to be self-conscious about your appearance or shy.


What more might you put on this list? Which mindsets prevalent now, in your opinion, ought to be abandoned?