Men’s image of what women are like when nobody’s watching is often far from the truth. The reality is often very different, so blame it on TV and social media.

How could one learn about the quirks of women if they lived with them? Someone asked on AskReddit, “What’s something you didn’t realize that women did until you lived with them?”, bringing in more than 4k entertaining and honestly hilarious comments.


1. Spending hours doing hair and make-up doesn’t look different from when they started. Don’t ever say that!

2. When I got married, I realized women paid too much for bras.


3. When you date a girl, everything is clean and organized, but when you live with her, you discover that she is just as bad as you are.


4. Women have regenerating hair. My girlfriend should be bald because of the amount of hair she leaves around the apartment.


5. Women stealing mens’ hoodies but complain when their bras are stolen.


6. I never realized how much blood comes out of a woman on her period until I saw a friend taking a shower. I thought she was dead.


7. Woman peeing sounds as if they’re using a pressure hose.


8. When it’s time for her to go to bed, it’s time for both of us to go to sleep.


9. Women use A LOT of toilet paper.


10. My girlfriend of a year had straightened her naturally curly hair every day. I never had a clue.


11. Women love hot showers. The only use the cold knob has is to hold the body scrubber.


12. My girlfriend’s burps might be powerful, but I beat her with farts.


13. Decorative pillows are a thing and need to be purchased carefully in order to use them in a long run.


14. Girlfriends being angry at men for what they did to them in their dreams.


15. It took me a long time to figure out that the pads are stuck onto the panties, facing the vagina.


16. I don’t know what she does with the weird rock in the shower.


17. I learned women wipe after they pee. I never had a reason to consider it a thing until I saw it happen.


18. I was not prepared for so many bras, the first time she did laundry.


19. Had no idea that I loaded the dishwasher in the wrong way.


20. I was yelled at for putting dirty clothes with my clean ones when I first moved in. I thought I could wear that shirt for two more times.


21. Women shaving their pubes. I was terrified when I saw my girlfriend do this for the first time.


22. The Bobby pins and the hair all around.


23. The towels women only like to keep for “decorative” purposes.


24. Women will throw all your clothes that you come across sitcoms.