There are various approaches to dealing with clients.

It might be low-key and uneventful, somewhat infuriating, or completely out of control, in which case you might lose your cool and get into a yelling match.

Although we don’t recommend it because you can lose your job as a result, it is a possibility.

In light of this, let’s look at a few things that customer service representatives truly don’t enjoy.

People, bear this in mind whenever you enter public spaces!


I doubt that customer support representatives are aware of the solution.

So people, stop asking!


Come on, peeps!

Put your act together and don a mask!

I Love My Job from memes


That humor? Again?

How many more times must I hear this today?

Anyone else get this at the register?? from retailhell


Yes, that appears to be approximately right.

Taking a position… just what, we’re not sure.

Soooo spot on! from Target


This is terrible.

Additionally, I would strongly discourage it.


Why do you think we’re shut down?

This one gets a big eye-roll.


I had never heard of that before.

Customers must develop some fresh content.


Hmmmm… I’d want another next joke.

He certainly doesn’t appear amused.


They just don’t care.

Avoid getting smacked by the door as you leave!


Well… I have bills to pay.

That’s why I’m confined here.


Go speak with the bartender.

Or how about a counselor?


Cool, no big deal.

Forget what I said!


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