The Winds of Winter Update George RR Martin working on TWOW to change the Game of Thrones Ending

George RR Martin is not giving out any updates on when ‘The Winds of Winter’ release will happen and contrary to certain rumors, the books is not yet finished. The 71-year-old author promised to deliver the book in Summer 2020 and the first month is almost over without any progress. While there are certain people who believe that GRRM is done with TWOW and is in the final stages of publication negotiations, it seems that fans have to wait for more for the next book in ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series.

The latest reason why ‘The Winds of Winter’ novel could be delayed is that George RR Martin is changing the original ending after the Game of Thrones ending was received very badly by everyone. George understands that the same ending won’t work and based on the fan responses, he will make necessary changes to Winds of Winter book.

The Winds of Winter Book Finished by GRRM?

The Winds of Winter Book Finished by GRRM

The Winds of Winter is still under works and there is no way the book is finished at this moment, based on George RR Martin’s recent statements. There is only five months to the deadline George gave for TWOW launch and fans are worried that the Game of Thrones writer won’t deliver on time.

It has been reported that GRRM is still working on ‘The Winds of Winter’ and it will take him some more time if he decides to change the ASOIAF story ending. Although, the author claims that he will finish both Winds of Winter and the last book ‘A Dream of Spring’ to complete the ASOIAF novel series and he is concentrating on the same right now.

George RR Martin is writing a different Ending from Game of Thrones

George RR Martin is writing a different Ending from Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones ending has become one of the controversial climaxes of any storyline and GRRM will make sure that he doesn’t repeat the same mistake with ‘The Winds of Winter’ ending. George has said that when the GOT show overtook his books, he was very much in pressure.

“People know an end, not the end,” said George RR Martin in an interview and George RR Martin will write ‘TWOW’ ending differently so fans are happy with it. Hence, the release date of ‘The Winds of Winter’ is still unknown and hopefully, the book launch will be announced soon.

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