The Winds of Winter Release Date Revealed Will George RR Martin Publish the Book on Time

The Winds of Winter release date has been revealed as per the latest reports as George RR Martin is very close to finishing the sixth book in the ASOIAF series. Even though the 71-year-old author is having a hard time completing the next novel in “A Song of Ice and Fire Series,” fans don’t have to wait much longer.

GRRM might have been slow in writing the Winds of Winter but ever since Game of Thrones has completed on HBO, everyone is looking forward to the book release. The Winds of Winter have two rumored publication dates, but the only question remains is whether George RR Martin will deliver his promise and release the book before the deadline or not?

The Winds of Winter have Two Publication Dates

The Winds of Winter have Two Publication Dates

The Winds of Winter publication dates are based on the fact that George RR Martin himself promised the delivery date for “The Winds of Winter” in his blog. The fantasy writer promised that he will have The Winds of Winter in his hand when he arrives in New Zealand for Worldcon 2020. The Science Fiction festival Worldcon will happen in New Zealand this year from July 29 to August 2 and one of the dates could be TWOW publication date.

Meanwhile, BryndenBFish on Twitter claims that GRRM could publish ‘The Winds of Winter’ on a redacted date which will be revealed very soon. Even though the exact dates are unknown, some of the reports believe Winds of Winter will come out around 2021 in the bookstores.

Will George RR Martin deliver before the Deadline?

Will George RR Martin deliver before the Deadline

George RR Martin has broken his promise to release Winds of Winter several times and which is why it is hard to believe that the book will come out at the Worldcon 2020 event. But the author is busy writing the book for so many years and he must be really close to finishing it. There is another book titled “A Dream of Spring” in the ASOIAF series. It means “The Winds of Winter” release must happen soon as there is so much story left even after the book.

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