The Winds of Winter Release Date Revealed Here is when George RR Martin will Publish TWOW Book

The Winds of Winter release date is not out despite so many years to have passed since the last book in ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series came out. George RR Martin has made so many promises on the launch of the sixth ASOIAF book, but none of them have been fulfilled. Fans are curious to know when TWOW will be out in the stores so they can know the real story and not the one Game of Thrones crammed up.

GRRM is slow in writing ‘The Winds of Winter’ that the HBO TV series surpassed it and even ended, whereas the last two books are yet to be published. But George RR Martin has given an exact release date of The Winds of Winter and here is when it will get published.

George RR Martin on ‘The Winds of Winter’ Release Updates

George RR Martin on 'The Winds of Winter' Release Updates

George RR Martin agrees that he is very slow in writing ‘The Winds of Winter’ but that is because he kept rewriting several chapters as he is not happy with the storyline. But that doesn’t mean he won’t release the book ever, in fact, George has promised an exact TWOW release date to his fans.

The 71-year-old fantasy writer has promised his fans that he will have a copy of ‘The Winds of Winter’ in his hands when he attends the Worldcon in New Zealand this year. The event is only a few months away and it means Winds of Winter will be published soon and ready for its launch.

The Winds of Winter Exact Release Date

The Winds of Winter Exact Release Date

George RR Martin will be present at the Worldcon 2020, a Science-Fiction convention as the Master of the Ceremonies. The convention will happen between July 29, 2020, to August 2, 2020, and one of the dates in there will be the exact release date for The Winds of Winter. It means that fans can start the countdown for TWOW launch and have faith in GRRM to deliver to his promise of the book launch.

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