The Winds of Winter Release Date George RR Martin can Launch the Book in 2021 for Public

The Winds of Winter release date has not been announced yet but everyone is expecting the book to come out this year. George RR Martin is working on the sixth book in ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series for almost a decade now and yet the novel is not completed. There are several reasons why Winds of Winter has delayed through all these years but GRRM must be very close to finishing it.

The 71-year-old author has promised that he will finish TWOW by this year in his recent blog entry and even though he delivers the book at Worldcon 2020, ‘The Winds of Winter’ launch in stores will only happen in 2021 due to editing and publication process.

The Winds of Winter Writing by GRRM and Launch Date

The Winds of Winter Writing and Launch Date

George RR Martin says that he is working hard on writing ‘The Winds of Winter’ in isolation and it is his main priority now. The fantasy writer joked that his loyal staff has chained him to his typewriter and is forcing him to eat only healthy food, so he finishes the book on time. GRRM has given the latest deadline for Winds of Winter release date at Worldcon in New Zealand, which will take place on July 29 this year.

Even if Martin manages to write the book by July 2020, he only promised a manuscript and not a fully published book. The editing process will take a few months and printing a massive number of copies will also take some time. Fans can expect to buy ‘The Winds of Winter’ from stories in 2021 at the earliest.

The Winds of Winter Story Changes from Game of Thrones Show

The Winds of Winter Story Changes from Game of Thrones Show

The Winds of Winter storyline will also be changed a bit as George RR Martin has hinted that he is rewriting some chapters. While the author says it is a part of the process and he changes the story many times, many of the fans believe that it is happening due to the poor response for the HBO TV show Game of Thrones.

The last and finals season of Game of Thrones has been considered as the worst ending to any show, and George doesn’t want the same for his books. Also, the story in the ASOIAF books takes a longer route as Jon Snow won’t be directly brought back to life and will warg into Ghost for most of ‘The Winds of Winter’ chapters.

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