The Winds of Winter Release Date delayed again as George RR Martin is Buys writing other Projects

The Winds of Winter release date can get delayed again as author George RR Martin has not given out any updates. The 71-year-old author has been so slow in writing the sixth book in the ASOIAF series that Game of Thrones TV show on HBO has surpassed the books and ended with season 8. GRRM has also hinted that he might change the ending of Winds of Winter as the GOT Season 8 ending was not received well.

There are also reports that George is working on Game of Thrones prequel ‘House of the Dragon’ which will further delay TWOW novel. It means that ‘The Winds of Winter’ won’t be coming out in stores on its fixed release date and fans will have to wait further.

George RR Martin on ‘The Winds of Winter’ Release Promise

George RR Martin on 'The Winds of Winter' Release Promise

George RR Martin has promised his fans ‘The Winds of Winter’ release date many times but he has failed all the deadlines till now. The next promised date is WorldCon 2020 that is June this year, but it looks that he will be breaking this one too.

The Winds of Winter book should be out by July or August in the bookstores as per GRRM. Although, everyone is sure that nothing of that sort of happening as Martin has not even finished writing TWOW, publishing it is another thing.

GRRM to Delay Winds of Winter for Other Projects

GRRM to Delay Winds of Winter for Other Projects

George RR Martin is not even writing the Winds of Winter these days which further questions his promised release date of the book. The famous fantasy author is busy in several projects including a video game and Game of Thrones related TV shows.

Further, GRRM has hinted that he will rewrite some of the chapters in ‘The Winds of Winter’ over the backlash received for season 8 finale. It confirms that George RR Martin is indeed responsible for the delay in ‘The Winds of Winter’ and the book might not even release this year.

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