AMC warranted renewal of The Walking Dead Season 10. The production has already commenced.

With the filming in progress, the core revelation stemmed the news for the fans.

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The Walking Dead — All about renewals and returns

The Walking Dead’s character Abraham Ford, played by Micheal Cudlitz, unveiled the news of his comeback in the show.

In The Walking Dead season 5, Abraham Ford was killed with his head banged by Negan with a baseball bat.


To the surprise of the fans, Micheal Cudlitz is returning as a director of the show. However, the actor’s character could have been made a comeback as well.

Micheal Cudiltz tweeted about this directorial comeback on May 14.

“Headed to Atl to direct my second ep. of #twd tomorrow. Could not be more excited.”

The Walking Dead Season 10 at Atlanta

The Walking Dead at Atlanta

The filming for The Walking Dead season 10 is ongoing in Atlanta. Micheal Cudlitz’s post made it clear that he has begun directing the second episode for The Walking Dead Season 10.

He also revealed directing “Stradivarius,” episode 7 of season 8. He confirms being comfortable behind the camera.

Micheal Cudiltz described his directorial debut in this zombie drama as “best of both worlds.”

In an interview with The Warp, he reported,

“The great thing about directing the cast was that the cast is changing now, so I had a wonderful experience about being able to direct, basically half of my cast was brand new and the rest were people that I have longstanding, amazing relationships with.”

Danai Guira leaves The Walking Dead

Danai Guira quits The Walking Dead

Danai Guira has announced her farewell with The Walking Dead season 10.

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While Micheal Cudlitz is taking a leap, Danai Guira is taking a back seat. She announced her disassociation with The Walking Dead in February.

The actress signed with AMC for her appearance just in a few episodes of the upcoming season of The Walking Dead.

The fans can anticipate a lot more drama in the premiere. The launch is planned somewhere in October.