The Walking Dead season 10 spoilers

Carol Peletier is favorite among the fans, but rumors have it that she could be a part of an incredibly dark storyline change on The Walking Dead season 10.

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The finale of the ninth season paid homage to the comic books by Robert Kirkman. The fans were able to relate to the two instantly. The viewers saw Lydia almost took her own life in the dramatic scenes of The Walking Dead season 9 finale.

The Walking Dead season 10 spoilers
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The Walking Dead season 10 spoiler

In The Walking Dead novels, Carol’s equivalent character got this honor, but she succeeded in it. The story took a twist when Lydia found out that her mother Alpha (Samantha Morton) is the murderer of ten people including her boyfriend Henry (Matt Lintz).

Lydia was totally devastated by the choice of her own flesh and blood. She was contemplating if she could survive the post-apocalyptic world and tried to get close to the walkers to find out what happens. She slowly edged nearer to the growling undead creatures across the lake, but suddenly pulled her hand back. Her character decided to change the plans at the last minute.

In the ‘The Walking Dead’ comics, the character of Carol went ahead with the plan and allowed a chained walker to latch on her. The walker killed her straight away and her Atlanta allies were helpless. Angela shared her views about the big twist. She said,

I just loved seeing all of the frozen zombies. And I love it when Lydia comes upon that frozen walker in the lake.

Angela added that the team is doing a homage to Carol’s death in the book.