The Walking Dead Season 10 is ready to hit the television screens this year. This season, we will have to bid farewell to Michonne, one of the biggest characters of the show. Actress Danai Gurira talked about her final scenes.

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In the upcoming season, Michonne will follow Rick Gimes and Maggie Rhee’s footsteps leaving the survivors. The exact details about the same remains unveiled. Danai is not keen on revealing it to the fans yet. She only said that these would be her final scenes.

The Walking Dead Season 10 spoilers cast
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She teased,

We start shooting soon, so I’ll have to start fitting in my workouts.

Danai will portray her character in some of the episodes, but she will miss working with her co-stars. She has found a beautiful family on the show. They usually have pot luck dinners and check in regularly with one another.

The fans will have several bittersweet moments this season. They would have to bid farewell to Michonne. Furthermore, Maggie would be back on the show. Actress Lauren said that her character’s story has a lot in store and it’s going to be very exciting.

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The Walking Dead Season 10: What’s in store?

Will Maggie be back in time for the fight against the Whisperers and their leader Alpha? Alpha has already killed ten survivors including Henry, her daughter’s boyfriend. Not just that, Lydia almost took her life after that.

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Lydia has been wondering about how will she survive in the post-apocalyptic world. She went close to the walkers and put herself in their way. But fortunately, she decided to change her mind last minute.