A young woman from Pinellas County, Florida, took her own life after her teammates in a Florida hockey league cyberbullied her a lot. She was 16 at the time. Because of what the victim’s parents said, the three students who are accused of bullying her can’t play in the Lightning High School Hockey League anymore.

McKenna Brown killed herself in August because her friends made fun of her for talking to a boy who used to date one of her friends. Because she was talking to the boy, her friends were after her. The shocking thing happened five days after the whole story came out to the public. A source said that the hockey player’s phone was full of mean text messages and online comments because she was talking to the ex-boyfriend of one of the bullies at the time. Online abuse and text messages were used to make the person feel bad.

McKenna Brown’s mother, Cheryl Brown, talked about the whole terrible thing that happened on Fox 13. She thought about how her late daughter was a person who stood up for everyone and told her classmates off when they were mean to her. During the time when the goalie of the hockey league was being bullied online, no one stood up for her. Her mother told her that the girls did go to McKenna’s funeral, but that they didn’t talk to the family at all, even though they were there. She was upset that the people she thought were cyberbullies were there at her funeral.

People say that McKenna met the boy for the first time on the beach and that the boy “flirted” with her right away. Before that, the girl, who was 16 at the time, had asked her friend of five years if it was okay for her to keep talking to the boy, and her friend had told her that there was no problem with that. “She then realized a few days later that it wasn’t OK with a friend based on how she retaliated,” Cheryl stated to the outlet.

The goalie was seen hanging out with the boy on a causeway, which made the girl group angry and led to a “barrage of texts and phone calls.” In a few of the text messages, the following was written: “‘You’ve done all of us wrong’… ‘I hope I never see you again’…” McKenna responded to the cyberbullying with an apology to the teammate for talking to her ex-boyfriend.

But the angry bully didn’t stop attacking at this point. Cheryl Brown has confirmed that the young woman used her social media accounts to try to get other people to stop being friends with McKenna. “The intent was to cancel her. In fact, one friend, in quotes, said that her mission was to ‘leave her without a single friend.'” They also told people private things about her, like the fact that she had been raped when she was 14 years old.

With the help of Snapchat’s map feature, McKenna was able to figure out that she and her friends were all at the same place at the same time as they ate dinner with their families. Her mother said that this was when her daughter’s face started to look sick. The next morning, McKenna was found lying on the ground with her face against the ground. Her mother tried several times to wake her up, but when she found her body, she saw that she was dead and cold as ice.

The note that McKenna Brown left behind before she killed herself doesn’t mention her bullies by name or even mention them at all. According to reports, the letter was written to her parents and said that, even though her family loved her and she felt safe and loved at home, she didn’t feel like she belonged there.