Here's The Story Behind That Viral TikTok Showing A Baby Getting Tossed In A Pool

TikTok has become a new trend across the world. And we usually find a lot of people making TikTok videos around us. The viral TikTok videos often get criticism too. And one such video has come from Krysta Meyer in which a baby gets tossed into the swimming pool.

Krysta Meyer is a 27-year-old mom of two boys in Colorado Springs who started a TikTok account in February. Before this weekend, her videos could not seek a lot of attention. But as she uploaded a video featuring her youngest son, Oliver which was viewed more than 51 million times on TikTok and another 20 million times on Twitter.

People have criticized the lady on TikTok

People have criticized the lady on TikTok

The clip shows the instructor tossing the baby into the swimming pool. She captioned the video, “Oliver amazes me every week! I can’t believe he is barely 2 months in and is catching on so fast. He is a little fish.”

People have criticized the lady on TikTok

More than 100,000 people commented on the video. Some of them cracked jokes and others expressed their concern about the condition of little Oliver. Also, as we see a lot of memes daily on social media platforms. So, the baby Oliver has become a meme material on Twitter.

Meyer filmed the video on Saturday at the Little Fins Swim School where she has long taken her two boys for classes. She knows the clip is controversial and shocking to many people. “A lot of people are seeing a kid being thrown into the water and thinking, That’s not good! You shouldn’t be doing that!” she said. “I’ve gotten death threats. I’ve had people tell me I’m the worst kind of mom, that I’m endangering my children, that I’m traumatizing them.”

Baby tossed in swimming pool in TikTok Video

But Meyer wants people to know that her swim class is not an average one. And thus, this is what is called an infant’s survival class. They aim to teach the infants how to swim, but to get them comfortable in the water, to learn how to recover and flip over if they fall in, and to float on their backs.

However, people had mixed reactions after watching the video. If you also have any opinions, do tell us in the comments section below.