Now, the web has been inundated with responses and discussions on the outcome of an occurrence at the 94th Academy Awards that saw Will Smith slap Chris Rock for making a joke at Jada Pinkett Smith’s cost.

While Rock is not interested in pursuing legal consequences for Smith, the Academy is conducting a formal review of his membership.

When Smith won the Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role, most viewers wanted to keep an eye on him, but Jim Carrey’s eyes were elsewhere.

He thought the crowd’s reaction to Smith’s win was a reason to indict Hollywood.


Jim Carrey talked to CBS This Morning about how he felt after watching the Oscars.

He would discuss the slap with King, but it wasn’t the act that bothered him the most. Smith accepted his award.

As he put it, “I was sickened by the standing ovation. I felt like Hollywood is just spineless en masse.”


Carrey said that Smith should have faced the same fate as anyone else who did what he did that night.

In his words, “I’d have announced this morning that I was suing Will for 200 million dollars because that video’s going to be there forever. It’s going to be ubiquitous, you know that insult is going to last a very long time.”


It’s one thing to yell from the audience when you don’t like a joke, but it’s another to make your reaction physical.

As he said, “You do not have the right to walk up on stage and smack somebody in the face because they said words.”

He said that the slap came out of nowhere because of Smith’s own frustration.


Carrey made a point in the video that he doesn’t have any personal animosity against Smith and acknowledges the professional and personal achievements he has had in life.

He felt that Smith’s admirable qualities didn’t change the impact his actions had on so many people.

In his words, “It cast a pall over everybody’s shining moment last night. You know, a lot of people worked really hard to get to that place and to have their moment in the sun.”