Now that Part 1 and 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 are streaming on Netflix, it’s time to dive into the world of Mickey Haller and his enthralling legal escapades. The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 brings back the charismatic lawyer as he navigates the streets of Los Angeles in his iconic Lincoln, tackling cases big and small, and dealing with the complexities of his personal life.

Meet the Cast: Characters in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2

As The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 unfolds its gripping narrative, let’s introduce you to the key characters and the talented actors bringing them to life.

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Mickey Haller: Manuel Garcia-Rulfo

Manuel coming back for the Lincoln Lawyer season 2

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo portrays the titular character, Mickey Haller, a Los Angeles-based lawyer with a unique office—one on wheels in his Lincoln SUV. Mickey, a charismatic Mexican lawyer, inherits a practice and its cases after the mysterious death of fellow attorney Jerry Vincent. Battling his own struggles, Mickey is determined to succeed. Garcia-Rulfo’s compelling portrayal captures Mickey’s wit and resilience as he takes on the legal world.

Maggie: Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell embodies Maggie, Mickey’s ex-wife and a deputy district attorney. Their relationship is a blend of tension and sparks, with Maggie’s commitment to justice often at odds with Mickey’s unconventional methods. Campbell’s presence adds depth to the character, drawing us into the dynamics of Mickey’s personal life.

Lorna: Becki Newton

Becky Newton

Becki Newton steps into the role of Lorna, Mickey’s second ex-wife and office manager. Despite their past, Lorna remains a significant figure in Mickey’s life, helping him navigate his professional endeavors. Newton’s portrayal brings forth Lorna’s charm and complexities, underscoring her importance in Mickey’s journey.

Izzy: Jazz Raycole

Jazz Raycole

Jazz Raycole plays Izzy, a former professional dancer turned personal driver for Mickey. Overcoming a painful addiction, Izzy finds a new purpose as part of Mickey’s team. Raycole’s performance encapsulates Izzy’s resilience and growth, making her an essential addition to the ensemble.

Cisco: Angus Sampson

Angus Sampson

Angus Sampson embodies Cisco, Mickey’s investigator and Lorna’s fiancé. With a history in a biker gang and connections in the LAPD, Cisco brings street-smart skills to the table. Sampson’s portrayal captures Cisco’s edge and resourcefulness, contributing to the show’s intrigue.

Lisa Trammell: Lana Parrilla

Lana Parrilla

Lana Parrilla takes on the role of Lisa Trammell, an esteemed chef arrested for murder who seeks Mickey’s legal expertise. Parrilla’s portrayal reflects Lisa’s complexity as she navigates a challenging situation, showcasing her talent in bringing multi-dimensional characters to life.

Andrea “Andy” Freeman: Yaya Dacosta

Yaya Dacosta

Yaya Dacosta portrays Andrea “Andy” Freeman, a formidable prosecutor and courtroom rival to Mickey. While they lock horns professionally, there’s a deeper connection between them due to Andy’s close friendship with Maggie. Dacosta’s performance captures Andy’s determination and legal prowess.

Hayley: Krista Warner

Krista Warner

Krista Warner plays Hayley, Mickey and Maggie’s teenage daughter. Despite her youth, Hayley exudes maturity and serves as her father’s advocate. Warner’s portrayal adds a familial dimension to the show, highlighting the complexities of Mickey’s role as a father.

Synopsis of The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2, based on Michael Connelly’s novel ‘The Fifth Witness,’ delves into Mickey Haller’s expansion into foreclosure defense. As he represents Lisa Trammell, accused of murder, Mickey is faced with a complex case that challenges his convictions. Despite suspicions about his client’s guilt, Mickey embarks on a mission to clear her name.

With the engaging cast and compelling characters, The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 offers a riveting exploration of legal challenges, personal dynamics, and the pursuit of justice. As the backseat of a Lincoln becomes the backdrop for legal drama, viewers are in for a captivating journey through the streets of Los Angeles.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 is now available for streaming on Netflix, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in Mickey Haller’s world of legal intrigue and personal intricacies.