Everyone knows that going to the doctor in the United States can be expensive. It is expensive to go to the dentist because it is not typically covered by a regular health insurance plan. After one TikToker she came up with the idea of going to Turkey to get a root canal instead of going to the United States. If you listen to the full story below, you might be inspired to take a holiday the next time you are quoted with a large medical bill.


She decided to go to Turkey instead of the United States after she was quoted over $3000 for a root canal.


The root canal in the US would have cost more, but the dental bills came out to less than they would have in the US.


There are other people who have had to think outside of the box for treatment. People try to avoid paying high rental prices by going to other countries. Approximately 290,000 Americans traveled abroad for dental and medical procedures in 2020. The cost of root canals in Mexico is 80% less than in the US. Americans are not the only ones seeking treatment abroad. Sometimes Britons and Irish people go to Eastern Europe or India for cheap procedures. Thailand, Turkey, Costa Rica, the Philippines, and Spain are some of the countries where dental work can be done.

Medical tourism can be difficult to navigate alone. Knowing where to go and how to communicate with treatment providers when you don’t speak their language is daunting, but that’s where companies like Beyond Borders Dental come in. Beyond Borders, Dental works with Americans looking for affordable dental care in Mexico and provides them with the resources and support needed to find treatment. Their website says that patients typically save 50% to 75% on dental care, and in their cost breakdown for various treatments in Mexico, root canals are listed at only $250.  “We’ve carefully selected the best dental offices in Mexico for our dental referral program,” their site states. “With Beyond Borders Dental you don’t have to sacrifice quality dental care to save money.”

It is ridiculous that those living in the US can’t afford the treatment they need close to home, but it is great to know that there are other resources available. I hope the next time she goes abroad she can just take a vacation without having to go to the dentist. We want to hear your thoughts on dental tourism. Have you ever traveled to another country for medical care?


The American healthcare system is flawed according to many viewers.


The bill is reasonable according to some.


The US was accused of brainwashing people into believing dental bills are normal.