the good doctor season 3

The Good Doctor Season 3 is braced up for a steady comeback in the fall of 2019. The drama series had been performing well in the ratings. The Good Doctor lead, Freddie Highmore, starring as Dr. Shaun Murphy, is the doctor with autism and savant-syndrome.

According to reports by TV Line, the weekly average has a viewership of 6.8 million during its live air telecast. The viewership jumps to 89 per cent during VOD and DVR views. ABC grants a third season renewal to the show, The Good Doctor.

And it is not a surprise that the show is the third biggest series airing on the Disney-owned network.

The Good Doctor Season 3 Premiere


The production for the renewal of the show has reportedly not started yet. Nonetheless, there is a possibility that the set will be active once again by mid-July or August.

The Good Doctor stands a good chance to retain its Monday evening slot by September 2019. However, The Network has not officially announced the Premiere date.

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Time for the Season 3 SPOILERS

the good doctor release 3

Big news to all the fans out there, The Good Doctor season 3 might introduce potential love interests for Dr. Shaun Murphy. No, he is not confessing his love for Lea, but he will start dating Carly!

We know, we know… but at least he will explore his adulthood, right?

Fans should also expect to come of new blood if not faces.

A revelation by the insider



The Good Doctor season 3 confirmed the return of Highmore, Aaron Schiff, Dr. Neil Melendez and Dr. Audrey Lim. As per the showrunner David Shore, this will change the dynamics of a relationship.

Can you guess whose?

In an interview to Entertainment Weekly, shore revealed,

“As they say in that scene, either one of them resigns or they break up. Or, the third choice, which they don’t mention in that scene, is that they go back to lying to everybody. Choices have to be made and certainly, certainly, it’s going to affect their relationship.”