The Good Doctor Season 3

Everyone has been eagerly waiting for The Good Doctor Season 3, which is scheduled to release pretty soon. Freddie Highmore nailed the role as Dr.Shaun Murphy and he received the stardom he deserved.

The Good Doctor has been frequently compared to the Bohemian Rhapsody of TV: Mixed reviews for the show as a whole; the lead actor stealing the show. The Good Doctor Season 3 should release by the next fall.

Dr.Shaun Murphy as The Good Doctor

The show begins by Dr.Shaun Murphy getting hired as a surgical resident at the San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. But. Murphy is autistic with savant syndrome, which makes the character so special.

In fact, Freddie Highmore’s performance has been so convincing that people think he has some form of autism himself. Thankfully, he doesn’t. But, this really shows the level of commitment shown by Highmore.

The Good Doctor Season 3

What is new for The Good Doctor season 3?

We can expect some improvement from The Good Doctor season 3 and finally say goodbye to the tepid reviews. Did you know that Daniel Dae Kim, former Hawaii Five-O star was actually responsible to get the show on air?

His production company had bought the rights from a counterpart from South Korea. Nevertheless, Dae Kim made this show a hit for the American people. He has also stepped in the upcoming season to play the role of Dr.Jackson Han, the new Chief of Surgery.

Did the ratings pave the path for the renewal?

Media reports suggest that the ratings for The Good Doctor the not very spectacular, but respectable. It airs on Monday nights and gives a tough competition to Manifest on NBC and CBS’ Bull. It was revealed during the first season that half of the audience watches the show live and the other half watches it on DVR.

We can hope that this renewal can set an example for other shows to come up with stories regarding mental health in professional settings.