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The Flash has a MASSIVE cast change for Season 6

The Flash is going to go through a major change next season.

The Flash is going to go through a major change next for Season 6 as the series will switch showrunners. Todd Helbing is going to be replaced by the then co-executive producer Eric Wallace. Helbing is going to focus on further development for Warner Bros TV.

The Flash is going to go through a major change next season.

Eric Wallace as the new show runner of The Flash Season 6

Executive Producer of ‘The Flash’ Greg Berlanti said, “Todd Helbing has been the leader of the show ever since the first. He is extremely talented and a man with a wonderful attitude.” He added that they were all sad to let him go for Season 6 but they hoped for more of his successful projects in future.

Eric Wallace will start his role as the show runner of The Flash Season 6. He had joined the show back in season four. Berlanti also said that Wallace has been an asset to the team of since Season 4. They are all looking forward to seeing how Wallace is going to shape the future of the ‘The Flash’.

The Flash and Arrow

The Flash is going to go through a major change next season.

On the other hand, The Flash star Grant Gustin, recently paid his tribute to the sister show, Arrow. Because Arrow has been confirmed to end soon. Gustin thanked everyone who made him a part of the show. “Congratulations to the badass show that is going to stay with us forever” he said. He reminisced about binge watching the first season of Arrow and getting scared on his first day on set.

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It kinda just hit me this morning that Arrow will be leaving us next year. Ever since I started doing this, it’s always been “Flash & Arrow” (or really this should of said “Arrow & Flash” on it’s cover….right, Stephen?)We don’t get to see a lot of each other, because we both work very similar schedules, on different shows, for 9 1/2 months out of the year. But when we’re brought together for those grueling crossover episodes, it always results in something pretty special. And not JUST a special kind of hell. It’s just absolutely bananas to stand around with that many people in super suits, and get paid to play make believe on tv. It’s something that wouldn’t happen year after year if it weren’t for the groundwork that Arrow, Stephen and the whole cast and crew laid for us. Not just that, but Stephen has always brought a different kind of passion to his show and the whole Arrowverse. It’s always been clear to me how much it means to Stephen to have the privilege of getting to go on this journey as Oliver Queen. And how much care he’s always put towards it. I will never forget ohh soo many memories we shared together during our hundreds, if not thousands of hours of crossover filming. Thank you to everyone who was a part of making Arrow for letting me come on this journey with you all. Congratulations on a badass show that will live on forever. I’ll never forget binge watching season one and being scared shitless my first day on set, seeing you all in person. Stephen, you’re a legend. Maybe this means we can hang out more?

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The Flash airs on Sky One and Now TV in the UK. It airs on The CW in the US.

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