Protein is one of the most important nutrients in our diet, and it is extremely essential for our health. It serves to play many roles in the body, including acting as hormones and enzymes, as well as helping with cell repair.

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Therefore it is not a surprise that it needs to be an important part of our lives so that the requirement of the body for the nutrient can be met. Moreover, a protein diet can also help significantly in weight loss.

How it works

The effect of protein diet on weight lossThis is because it reduces carbohydrate consumption by decreasing hunger, boosting up metabolism, increasing satisfaction, and preserving the lean muscle mass of the body.

Specifically, protein diet helps by increasing the release of several hormones such as GLP-1, cholecystokinin, peptide YY, which signal to the hypothalamus in the brain that the body is satisfied. Protein also helps in reducing the hormonal level of Ghrelin, which is a compound released by the body when it feels hunger.

According to a recent study, ultra-processed diets rich in carbs and fats cause excess calorie intake and thus result in weight gain. The research article further states that “increased availability and consumption of ultra-processed foods have been associated with rising obesity prevalence.” Further, the research article claims that “people consumed more calories when exposed to the ultra-processed diet as compared to the unprocessed diet.” Therefore, it is recommended to consume low-processed protein-rich foods, which are more filling than ultra-processed foods to prevent over-eating.

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The side effects

The effect of protein diet on weight lossTherefore, there is no doubt that proteins are essential when it comes to weight reduction. However, there may be some side effects to a high protein diet, which include malnutrition due to insufficient carbohydrate consumption.

Anyone who is looking to adopt a high protein diet to reduce weight should keep this in mind before embarking on this journey.