Anastasia Pokreshchuk, a Ukrainian model, had cosmetic surgery in her 20s because she thought she was ugly at the time. In order to make her lips larger, Pokreshchuk first had fillers injected. She then continued with injections in her cheekbones and Botox on her forehead.

Currently, Pokreshchuk asserts that he has “the biggest cheeks in the world.” She is confident in her appearance and enjoys herself when she looks in the mirror, but she still wants to undergo a few more cosmetic procedures, such as a chin implant.

Pokreshchuk asserts that she is changing how she looks for her own benefit and not the benefit of others. She enjoys the way she looks and doesn’t give a damn if other people do too. Anastasia reportedly remarked to Daily Star about her cheekbones, “You may think that they are too big but I think that they’re a little bit small, I need to refresh them again soon.” She added, “I understand that they look weird for other people but I don’t mind.”

Pokreshchuk “fell in love with them” after having her cheeks painted for the first time. She is not the only one who enjoys the way she looks right now. Many of her Instagram fans also adore how she looks.

Pokreshchuk can’t remember exactly how much she’s spent on surgery. She says it doesn’t matter. She also acknowledges that it’s conceivable she has a cosmetic surgery addiction, but she doesn’t appear worried about that possibility either.

Watch the video below to hear Pokreshchuk discuss her operations, the reasons behind them, and the opinions of her friends on how she looks.

Do you believe Pokreshchuk has a cosmetic surgery addiction? What do you think of how she appears?