The funniest and craziest posts from the social media app called Nextdoor are shared on the Twitter account @bestofnextdoor. The app is meant to bring neighbors together, but it ends up being just plain strange.


1. We just want a candy that’s good.


2. That seems like suspicious Aloe.


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3. Kathleen won’t have it at all.


4. More like a Stinkbox.


5. Spotted a homewrecker.


6. Mistaking hogs for dogs.


7. Thanks to Marge for the advice!




9. “Sheesh Vicki!”


10. Vicki had it enough.


11. Carol shooting her shot.


12. Very supportive.


13. That’s a rebel yell.


14. Times are tense.


15. A meltdown moment.


16. Kevin, the gatekeeper!


17. Not sure if you want to know or are curious.


18. The poll of regret.


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19. “Stop using leaf blowers”


20. “Handyman”


21. Email or signatures?


22. “A physical Bitcoin”



23. A cat named Dr. Beverly Crusher.


24. The ding dong ditcher.


25. Confusion be like…


26. What is the person even asking for?


27. Seems like a desperate measure.


28. Quite embarrassing.


29. A Pancetta.