The funniest and craziest posts from the social media app called Nextdoor are shared on the Twitter account @bestofnextdoor. The app is meant to bring neighbors together, but it ends up being just plain strange.


1. We just want a candy that’s good.


2. That seems like suspicious Aloe.


3. Kathleen won’t have it at all.


4. More like a Stinkbox.


5. Spotted a homewrecker.


6. Mistaking hogs for dogs.


7. Thanks to Marge for the advice!




9. “Sheesh Vicki!”


10. Vicki had it enough.


11. Carol shooting her shot.


12. Very supportive.


13. That’s a rebel yell.


14. Times are tense.


15. A meltdown moment.


16. Kevin, the gatekeeper!


17. Not sure if you want to know or are curious.


18. The poll of regret.


19. “Stop using leaf blowers”


20. “Handyman”


21. Email or signatures?


22. “A physical Bitcoin”



23. A cat named Dr. Beverly Crusher.


24. The ding dong ditcher.


25. Confusion be like…


26. What is the person even asking for?


27. Seems like a desperate measure.


28. Quite embarrassing.


29. A Pancetta.