A man in Thailand has devoted his life to look like Vin Diesel after being told of their resemblance.

Arthit Duangsri used to be a dancer in a band, but he couldn’t find who he really was. He thought his long hair held his looks back.

He shaved his hair off after someone told him he looked like the Fast and the Furious star.

Duangsri studied the action lead’s workout regime, which required years of sweat and tears, to achieve the full look.

Duangsri lives in hope that one day he’ll get to meet his celebrity cousin, and he sticks to a strict diet to maintain his muscular body.

If he and Diesel were to meet, the resemblance said he would immediately hug him and say, “I love you”.

Duangsri is the most loyal of all the people who look like the XXx star, trying to achieve every resemblance possible.

Many users on social media said they were supportive of Duangsri and hoped he would meet his hero one day.

One person commented: “He seems to be leading a decent, productive life while entertaining locals. Good on him.”

Another person said: “Come on Vin, don’t be rude to this man! You have been a positive influence in his life.”

A third user wrote: “It’s amazing how one compliment, likely given in passing, can make someone change their life like this.”

A fourth user joked: “There’s something needed to be explained by Vin Diesel’s Father to his Mother, about his last trip to Thailand 38 years ago. This dude must be Vin Diesel’s half-brother.”

Duangsri said that he runs an IT shop but now gets booked to appear at events in his country because of his looks.

He feels like he’s been cast in the movie as Dominic Toretto, Diesel’s character, and he enjoys driving around in his costume.

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