Tesla Pickup Truck

Tesla has proved that a fully electric vehicle is a viable option. As time went by, the demand for Tesla products has risen so much that the company is struggling to keep up with demand. However, this has not stopped Elon Musk from unveiling new projects which includes a Tesla Semi, Tesla Roadster 2.0 and possibly a Tesla Pickup truck.

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Interestingly, some DIY enthusiasts lead by YouTuber Giertz grouped to make their own Tesla Pickup truck by modding a Tesla Model 3.

How the Tesla Pickup Truck was made

Simone Giertz has a YouTube channel where she showcases her self-made robots that do stuff like brushing teeth.

However, she rose to popularity after she posted a video showcasing the modding of Model 3 into a pickup truck.

Giertz has decided never to own a gas-guzzling vehicle, but the current electric vehicle was unable to fulfill her needs, so she decides to make one by herself.

She dubbed this modded Tesla pickup truck “Truckla.”

Giertz teamed up with Marcos Ramirez, who is a mechanic and artist. Ramirez helped with the design and construction of Truckla. She also got help from several other vehicle modder and expert YouTubers including Richar Benoit and Laura Kampf.

The Struggle

According to Giertz, Truckla was hard to pull off successfully as it was not a simple modification. The modding process took over a year and a lot of pain and hard work.

Tesla Model 3

Initially, Truckla refused to start; instead, it started sending error reports back to Tesla. However, the team finally solved the issue by reinforcing the framework of the car.


The hard work finally paid as Truckla came out as a beautiful Pickup truck. The Truckla looks like a marvelous mashup of Ford Ranchero and El Camino.

According to Giertz, even though the process might come out as an obnoxious stunt, but it has a constructive outcome.