Tesla Pickup Truck price release date

Elon Musk is maybe the most intelligent person on this planet who is always doing the most amazing innovations. Whether its the SpaceX program or Tesla cars, Musk is kind of a genius inventor. The latest product from the brilliant mind is a Tesla pickup truck.

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Elon Musk recently shared a lot of details on his next project, which has turned all the auto tabloids towards him. A few days back, he shared some pictures of the Tesla pickup truck and now he has revealed a lot of new details. Here is everything that Elon Musk shared about the new Tesla pickup truck.

Tesla Pickup Truck New design

Tesla Pickup Truck

Also called as Tesla semi, the first prototype designs were shared to the world media way back in 2017 by Elon Musk himself. Musk is calling his pickup truck as a futuristic vehicle which could blend in the cyberpunk world of Blade Runner movies.

As per the officials, the design is so ahead of its time, that Tesla has to change it so that customers can actually find a use to the truck. Musk also revealed that the images which were out in April where showing the front part of the truck, which could be used to get a basic idea about the design of Tesla pickup truck.

Extra Features of the Truck

Tesla Pickup Truck

The use of a Tesla pickup truck yet remains unclear as Musk is saying only a few people will buy the vehicle. He further added that it doesn’t really matter to him that much as Tesla will soon be out with conventional trucks also. As for the specifics, the Tesla truck will include a battery of capacity that could run to 100 kWh. Tesla semi will also have a dual motor all-wheel drive engine, 300,000 pounds of towing capabilities and 400 to a 500-mile range on a full charge.

Price and Release Date

Tesla Pickup Truck

As for the price, the Tesla pickup truck could cost a whopping $150,000 to $200,000 which is way higher compared to other companies. There is no fixed date, but Tesla has announced that their new trucks will be out in the year 2020. After Tesla’s announcement, several other companies have also entered the competition with their own version of smart trucks.