Tesla Model Y vs Tesla Model 3: A Size Comparioson

    Tesla Model Y vs Tesla Model 3

    The Tesla Model Y vs Test Model 3 comparison has been waiting to happen for a long time now.

    The suspense is out! Tesla Model Y was officially unveiled last week – and the car has since been the subject of several conversations! It was one of the most awaited releases from Tesla – and now that it has been unveiled, excitement is at an all-time high!

    Tesla Model Y Height

    Image cleantechnica

    Comparisons are already being made between the Model Y and Model 3 cars. However, this isn’t surprising that the two cars are similar. We knew from the start Model Y was just a bigger and broader version of the Model 3.

    Tesla Model Y vs Tesla Model 3: Size Difference

    While we knew that Model Y was going to be 10% bigger than compared to Tesla Model 3 – the real size difference can only be seen when you see the two cars next to each other.

    image cleantechnica

    The image above (via cleantechnica) helps give a good idea of the size difference between the two cars. Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3 are pretty similar when it comes to the rear end. However, Model Y is about 3 to 4 inches longer from the front. Height-wise, the Model Y has an advantage of almost 8 inches over the Model 3.

    Tesla Model Y vs Tesla Model 3: Dimensions

    Tesla Model Y

    Image cleantechnica

    We know what the exact dimensions of Tesla Model 3 are: the car comes in at a length of 4,694 mm, width of 1,849 mm and height of 1,443 mm. Add 10% more to almost all of these figures and you can get the estimated dimensions of Model Y.

    Stay tuned with us for more details about Tesla Model Y!

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