Tesla Model 3 is one of the most popular cars from the company. More recently, there has been a lot of hype around the company’s latest release: Tesla Model Y. However, one Tesla vehicle that never actually came out was Tesla Model 4.

Tesla Model 4 was being talked about as far back as early-2016. However, all the buzz and the hype surrounding it suddenly died down. Let us take a closer look at what happened to this car that disappeared off Tesla’s radar!

Tesla Model 4 Features
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Tesla Model 4: A Timeline

Tesla Model 3 came out in July 2017. However, details about the car were made available long before it started rolling out. Tesla had a few other cars in the markets, such as the Model S and Model X. The company was planning on releasing a ‘fourth-generation Tesla EV’ after the launch of the Tesla Model 3.

However, instead of the Tesla Model 4, the company next announced Tesla Model Y. If this car was actually going to come out, an announcement would have been made by now. Also, for those wondering if Tesla Model Y is what Tesla Model 4 was supposed to be – they’re in for a disappointment. It is more of a smaller Model X than anything else.

Tesla Model 4 Price
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Tesla Model 4 Price Details

Tesla Model 3 was all set to bring down the cost of Tesla cars – while Tesla Model 4 was to bring it down even more. Model 3 is currently the cheapest Tesla EV in the markets. Tesla continues to struggle to bring down the cost of Model 3 – hence it looks like they have delayed the release of Tesla Model 4 till they find a proper solution to this problem.

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Moreover, to those who believe that Tesla Model Y is what Tesla Model 4 was, the fact that Model Y is priced higher than Model 3 automatically disproves this assumption!

Tesla Model 4 Release Date
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Key Features of Tesla Model 4

Among the key features of Tesla Model 4, the company had security as the highest of priorities in mind. Tesla wanted to create a smart vehicle which would help the driver, as well as the riders, be secure at all times.

Elon Musk’s vision for Tesla Model 4 was about having an advanced version of the Tesla Autopilot system that debuted in Tesla Model 3.