Tesla Model 3 systems hackable? Here is all you need to know

Tesla Model 3 is the nimble luxury sedan by Tesla. Soon, after its launch, Model 3 has become a desire for many. This new Tesla has an unbelievable 325 mile range.

Crushes 0-60 mph in less than 3.2 seconds. This nimble model of Tesla also won five stars from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

This was post-crash testing of Tesla Model 3. But lately, the model is not in highlight because of its design or engineering features.

According to cyber-security specialists, Model 3 records information. This is if the car gets into an accident. And this data is more than the normal data. The car also accesses the data of the devices that are connected to its system.

Are the systems of Tesla Model 3 hackable?
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Tesla Model 3 system stores personal information?

CNBC has recently confirmed that Model 3 stores certain information on its own storage. This is only if the system if the electric car is still intact post crash.

Therefore, this feature of Tesla is great for legal and forensic purposes. However, that is not all.

The system of Tesla Model 3 is found to store more information apart from this. And, specialists claim this information to be personal. The data is obviously taken up by the system through the devices.

This basically comprises of all personal devices that are connected to the system of Model 3.

What is even more critical is that this data does not have tight security to it.

Tesla Model 3 systems hackable? Here is all you need to know
Tesla Model 3 stores personal information
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Model 3 has a hackable system?

Now we know that Model 3 has our personal information. And, that too without much tight security.  Hence, it becomes essential to acknowledge the hackability of its system.

Extracting our personal information will be an easy task for hackers. And, this is especially if they have the knowledge to open up the device.

And this might become a problem for the owners.

Types of data accessed by Tesla

The system of Model 3 extracts data from the devices. These are the ones which are paired with it. Therefore, the information that is usually stored is contact details, e-mail addresses, etc. The device cannot get hold of your account details. Still, this shouldn’t make one complacent.