Tesla Cybertruck Review: How the Latest EV from Elon Musk has Already Won the Market?

    Tesla Cybertruck Review How the Latest EV from Elon Musk has Already Won the Market

    Tesla Cybertruck has become the most popular vehicle launched this year and even after the launch fiasco, the sales have broken all kinds of records. The weird-looking pickup truck whose shape is almost ridiculous and is named as a game item has garnered a lot of interest from everyone.

    Elon Musk knows how to play the ball and even without any advertisements, the glass breaking incident has made the Tesla Cybertruck a viral sensation. The futuristic Cybertruck has already sold more than 250,000 models and has already won the automobile market. Here are the reasons why Tesla’s electric vehicle Cybertruck will become the next big thing in the industry.

    Electric Vehicles are the New Thing

    Electric Vehicles are the New Thing

    Electric Vehicles (EV) are becoming the future of transportation as they don’t burn and fossil fuels and hence there is no carbon emission. Even in countries such as Alberta, where oil is much cheaper, the fact that EVs are economical and environment-friendly is accepted.

    Tesla Cybertruck is a perfect example that EVs can be powerful and run on clean renewable sources of energy at the same time. Tesla’s Cybertruck comes with a 120 volt/240 volt AC power which can even give back to the grid during overhaul, it means none of the energy is wasted and the grid distribution works both ways.

    Tesla has Laid Proper Groundwork

    Tesla has Laid Proper Groundwork

    Tesla has also other advantages which will make the Cybertruck a clear winner among the other EVs and powerful pickup trucks. The company founded by Elon Musk has an extensive network of 14,000 superchargers worldwide enough for a quick refuel and efficient connectivity. The second thing is that Tesla has been heavily investing in battery technology, manufacturing, and distribution.

    Tesla Gigafactory uses renewable sources of energy like solar energy which reduced the carbon footprint even in the manufacturing process. Cybertruck is cleaner, quieter, safer, and less expensive than other vehicles and hence will easily win the competition.


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