Roger Federer is among the biggest and the most famous names when it comes to the world of Tennis. However, after a career spanning across multiple decades, it now looks like his time in the court might just be up. People have been speculating his retirement for quite some time now, but it seems like Federer too, is finally giving it some serious thought.

Roger Federer retirement soon

Let us take a closer look at this and see if the Tennis superstar is going to retire now.

Roger Federer’s Retirement A Matter of Few Days?

Following his loss against Novac Djokovic at the Wimbledon 2019 event earlier this month, it appears that time is up for Federer and retirement is no longer a matter of if but when! Federer, who has held several championships in tennis over the years, appears to be retiring as per sources close to him.

Retirement for Roger Federer

It appears that moving forward his time in competitive tennis might just be over and he will only participate in exhibition matches where he gets to play against the best of the best – and for purposes of charity and welfare.

Life After Tennis for Federer

Roger Federer retire

We know that Roger Federer is giving retirement a serious thought because in a recent talk, he revealed his plans ahead. He has a pair of twin girls and twin boys – and plans to spend more time with them. Federer also plans to spend more time working with underprivileged children of his foundation. Given that he has a complete action plan ready for life after tennis, it appears that it is indeed time for Roger Federer to hang his boots.